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The China Comparative Education Society (CCES) was established in 1979. It developed out of the Foreign Education Research Society (China), which was jointly initiated by four universities in 1977: Beijing Normal University, East China Normal University, Northeast Normal University, and Hebei University.

CCES, a non-governmental academic organization dedicated to the development of comparative education, serves as an exchange platform for education researchers. The society provides its members with access to various educational resources by hosting academic conferences, publishing a range of academic works, and organizing exchanges and research cooperation among society members and with its international counterparts. It also promotes the transfer of research findings through a variety of channels such as offering consultation services to the government, providing training programs to schools, and participating in writing textbooks.

CCES joined the World Council of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES) in 1984. In conjunction with the Japan Comparative Education Society (JCES) and relevant societies in other countries, CCES contributed to the founding of the Comparative Education Society of Asia (CESA); Professor GU Mingyuan from the Institute of International and Comparative Education, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University serves as CESA’s Honorary President. In 2013, CCES won the bid to host the 2016 XVI World Congress of Comparative Education Societies in Beijing.

Current CCES Administrative Board members 

President: WANG Yingjie (Beijing Normal University)

Vice President: SUN Qilin (Northeast Normal University)

Vice President: FENG Zengjun (Zhongshan University)

Vice President: LIU Baocun (Beijing Normal University)

Vice President: CHEN Shijian (Southwest University)

Vice President: ZHANG Minxuan (Shanghai Normal University)

Vice President: HUANG Zhicheng (East China Normal University)

Vice President: QIANG Haiyan (South China Normal University)

In addition, CCES consists of a total of 80 board members from 41 universities, three research institutes, two local government bodies, and one publishing house.  


Institute of International and Comparative Education, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University


Professor GAO Yimin

Institute of International and Comparative Education, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University

Society Journal

Comparative Education Review by Beijing Normal University

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