XVI World Congress of Comparative Education Societies

Beijing Normal University
22 August, 2016 Monday
26 August, 2016 Friday
Transportation from airport to Beijing Normal University

Address: Beijing Normal University, #19 Xin Jie Kou WaiStreet,
Haidian District, Beijing, 100875

1.Transportation from Capital International Airport to BNU

The Capital International Airport (“Capital Airport”) is Beijing’s main international airport. It is located in the northeast corner of Beijing City (Shunyi District) and is situated approximately 25.4 kilometers away from Tian’anmen Square. The facilities are ultra-modern and it is considered one of the world’s largest international airports.

Each of the following transportation options will take you to the BNU campus:

(a)Take a taxi directly. The fare is estimated at about 100 RMB and may take up to an hour depending upon traffic.  The taxi stands are located on the basement floor of Capital International Airport, and it is recommended that you take a metered taxi.  Take a photo of your hotel name in Mandarin (listed under ‘hotels’), as many taxi drivers do not speak English.

(b)Take the high speed metro airport rail to Sanyuanqiao stop. Change metro lines to Line 10. Follow Line 10 to Mudanyuan stop. Use the southwest exit. Mudanyuan bus stop is 30 meters ahead. From there, take Bus No. 645, 22, or 38 directly to Tieshizifen. This station is located near the East gate of BNU.

(c)Airport express buses are available both at Terminal 2 (6:35AM-11:10PM) and Terminal 3 (6:20AM -10:50PM).Get off at Dongzhimen Station, and transfer to Subway Line 2 to Jishuitan Station, and then take a taxi or bus to BNU.

(d)The airport has bus lines heading to all parts of the city. Take the airport bus No. 4 to Beitaipingzhuang. Head in the opposite direction from where the bus arrived and cross the intersection bearing right. Walk 800 meters down Xinjiekouwai Street to Beijing Normal University main east gate. Alternatively, continue walking ahead until you reach the JingshiHotel. Then, take a right and continue until you reach the main south gate.


2.Transportation from Railway Stations to BNU


Because all train stations are now linked to metro lines, and you are likely to be bringing sizeable luggage for your week-long visit and beyond, it is advised that you either consider taking the metro or taxi.  Taxis in Beijing are very reasonably priced.


(1)Beijing Station (北京站)

Beijing Station is located in Dongcheng District, within the Second Ring Road, just to the west of JianguomenandDongbianmen, between Chongwenmen and Dongbianmen, north of the original Beijing Inner Wall, and south of Dongchang’an Street. Beijing Station is also one of Beijing city’s traffic hubs. The No. 2 metro line passes through the station. There are dozens of bus lines located in front of the station. Furthermore, there are many long distance coaches that depart from there to other outlying areas.


From Beijing Station to BNU:

(a) Take a taxi directly to the school. The fare should be under 80 RMB.

(b) Exit Beijing Station, transfer directly to the No. 2 metro line, towards the outer ring. Ride until the Jishuitan stop. Exit from the southwest. Then, call a taxi or take No. 22 or 38 and get off at Beijing Shifandaxue station (北京师范大学站). If you like, walk to campus, about 1km to the north.

(2)Beijing South Station (北京南站)

Beijing South Station is located in ChongwenDistrict on YongdingmenwaiChezhan Road. It is presently the world’s largest train station and the world’s third largest with the highest number of passenger traffic. It is hailed as Asia’s Best Train Station. It is a unique and top-class rail hub.


From the Beijing South Station to BNU:

(a) Take a taxi directly to campus. The fare should not exceed 100 RMB.

(b) After disembarking, board the No.4 metro line in the northerly direction toward Anheqiao. Get off at National Library stop. Exit the metro station from the northeast. Take a left and proceed 50 meters to the bus stop. You can take No.645 to campus. The 645 arrives directly at the university’s main east gate (Tieshizifen Stop). Get off the bus and you will see the JingshiHotel. Walk forward and at the intersection, take a left and walk forward until you reach the main south gate.

(c) After disembarking, hop on to the No. 4 metro line in the northerly direction toward Anheqiao. Take the metro to the Ping’anli stop. Get off the metro and exit from the southeast. The Ping’anli Road north bus stop is about 60 meters ahead. From here, take the No. 88 or 22 directly to the Beijing Normal University stop.


(3)Beijing West Station (北京西站)

Beijing West Station is located in the Fengtai District, Lianhua Chi Road.


From Beijing West to Beijing Normal University:

(a) Take a taxi directly to the campus. The fare should be approximately 40 RMB and should take about 20 minutes. Lining up for the taxis at this station can be long. Be patient and resist the temptation to negotiate fares with drivers offering rides at this station.

(b) Take the ground floor exit after disembarking at Beijing West Station. Turn right and walk 150 meters to the bus stop. Board the bus 47 to Beijing Normal University stop.

(c) Take the ground floor exit after disembarking at Beijing West Station. Turn right and walk 100 meters to the main transfer bus stop. Get on the 387 to Mingguangqiao north stop. Exit the bus and proceed forward, turning right across the main avenue. Walk 1000 meters to the Beijing Normal University main south gate.


(4)Beijing North Station (北京北站)

Beijing North Station is located in Xicheng district on Xizhimenbei Street close to the Second Ring Road.

From Beijing North Station to BNU:

(a) Come directly to the campus by taxi.  The fare should be around 20 RMB and take only 10 minutes.

(b) After disembarking, get directly on the No. 2 metro line, toward the Waihuan (outer rings) to the Jishuitan stop. Exit from the southwest exit and turn left. Proceed on foot about 30 meters to Jishuitanqiao south stop. Make the transfer to No. 22 or 47 bus and ride until the Beijing Normal University stop.